Data Quality

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Many terms have been used to describe data quality.   DATAgility ascribes to seven key characteristics that define high quality data as it relates to data that is shared among trading partners.  The unique requirements that the partners have further dictates the importance of high quality data that is critical to the ecommerce business relationship. 

  • Accurate - Data is a perfect reflection of the facts about the product in the engineering, packaging, pricing and marketing systems.
  • Complete - All the trading partner-requested data is present in the supplier file. Supporting fields of data are complete as it relates to a single product and variations of packaging. 
  • Consistent - Data has uniformity in the application of certain data fields, such as part numbering, product descriptions, GTIN or UPC assignment, units of measure and branding.
  • Standardized - Product data that conforms to the Industry as well as specific targeted distributor requirements.
  • Synchronized - All changes to the Supplier’s data are updated frequently and routinely in all other systems, internal and external.
  • Easy to Use - Data can readily apply to all of the trading partners’ required systems without significant alteration, effort or delay. This includes product descriptions that fit into the trading partner’s systems, conformance with the taxonomy, digital assets, attributes and marketing materials for effective web selling and ecommerce environments. 
  • Timely - Every product data files in all systems are up-to-date. The supplier determines sources of up-to-date product data, codes it properly for lifecycle management, and ascertains that all key trading partners are updated concurrently.

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