Attribute Fulfillment Service (AFS)

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There is a significant disconnect between the robust product content that is made available on Supplier’s websites than is in the Electrical Industry Data Warehouse for authorized distributor consumption.

Without the integrated adoption of the recently approved attribute schema by Suppliers, distributors are forced to create, scrape, or obtain content about the manufacturer’s product from other sources to support their internal systems and Web selling environments. Distributors recognize that these efforts are inefficient and extremely costly to sustain. As such, Suppliers are seeing a substantial increase in the number of distributor requests to provide attributed data in a proprietary format, causing numerous issues for the Suppliers on how to store and maintain the attributed data.

The electrical industry standardized attribute schema allows Suppliers to populate attributed product data in a common schema and communicate that information in a standard format to trading partners, all for the purpose of effectively selling more products in the marketplace.

Most importantly, the communication of standardized attributed data will facilitate the selling process by providing the end customer the information needed to quickly find products and purchase the right product with confidence.

Contact DATAgility or IDEA E-Commerce Solutions for more information about this service offering.  

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